A New Possiblity

SOOOOOOOO….I had a job interview this morning!  It’s a temporary job that will only last through August, but I have the opportunity to learn a new trade, per say.  I am very excited, as the guys I interviewed with are very charming and engaging.  I really hope this pans out into something I can do.  I’m facing a bit of a learning curve because this is in an industry that I have never worked in before, but I am ready for the task at hand.  No more sitting around the apartment twiddling my thumbs and having the only interaction I have with the outside world be with the checkers at the grocery store.  That would be an improvement.

Another improvement would actually have something to talk about with my husband at the end of the day.  He is very supportive of what I do at home and I thank him for that and he is my #1 fan with this blog.  I just would like to add something more to the conversation other than, “Oh, I had 67 hits on my blog today!”  I like having that many hits on my blog, don’t get me wrong.  It fuels the creative part in me, I just would like to offer a little more to the conversation and actually be bringing home a paycheck.  These student loans aren’t going to pay for themselves…

So, wish me luck and do a “may she get the job” rain dance in my honor.  I really feel positive about how things went and I hope the other candidates aren’t as dynamic as I was in the interview.

Here’s to new beginnings!

That Time I Was Fired for Being Nice

Too NiceI used to have a job as an assistant to a very high powered woman.  Think of Meryl Streep’s character in “The Devil Wears Prada”.  It was intense.  I was excited to get this job and attacked it full force, but I never received the proper training on the software we were required to use, so I was always kind of a step behind.  Not a good thing when you are working for a high powered executive.  I asked for help, and it was given (not without some grumbles), but nothing ever stuck.  Maybe I had a mental block about what I was learning–I don’t know.  What I do know is I tried my hardest to do the best job I knew how to do for this woman.

That job lasted about nine months.  Then I was called into the HR Department Head’s office where he and my direct boss were waiting for me.  They went on a whole diatribe about how I worked so hard and I was very resourceful about many aspects of my job, but I was just not “getting it”.  Then they said, “But you’re so nice!”.  As if that was supposed to make me feel better.

Around this time, my husband and I were about to sign on the dotted line for a house we were trying to buy.  Literally, the next day we were supposed to begin closing proceedings.  I was shocked, devastated…pretty much every emotion one feels when being fired from a job you have worked so hard for.  I promptly called our realtor and told her the deal was off, that I had lost my job and we had to stop all proceedings.

Looking back, I realize I was starting to become manic while I was working for this woman.  Hindsight really is 20/20.  But, at least I know that I’m a nice, professional person and I realized through the process of working, quitting, and being fired from a handful of jobs surrounding my break that I want to work with passionate people who aren’t just married to his or her job.

The last job I had was working for a silk screen printing company.  I don’t typically have allergies, but I was allergic to that job.  Literally allergic to the paints they used to print those shirts.  So much so that I missed work.  They told me they were okay with my absences, and I was finally getting my health under control.  Then, they fired me.  I wasn’t as shocked this last time.  I’ve come to accept being fired as a huge possibility when working for someone.  I sometimes feel like I just can’t catch a break.

HOWEVER.  I had a job interview today. It was with a temp agency, so basically, I’m hired but they have to place me in jobs.   I’ve been out of work for about 9 months now.  I was registered to work with a temp agency before, but haven’t had much luck working temp assignments through them.  I took a break from sending out my resume around the holidays, but I’m back at it full force again.  I really hope that this new gig can help me gain full time employment – I have had success with temp agencies in the past.  Let’s hope this one sticks.  Wish me luck!