I have been away from writing for about a week now, as family has been in town visiting and I haven’t really had a chance to sit down and collect my thoughts.  It has created a bit of writers block for me and I’m feeling a bit frustrated, but I feel the need to get the creative juices flowing and put some words down on virtual paper.

I want to tell my story right.  I want it to make sense, in word, and chronologically accurate.  It is extremely frustrating because I have big lapses in my memory and the events that I do remember seem to get jumbled.  I simply must sit down and write down what I remember with real pen and paper, so that I have material to tell you about and I can cross off things that I have already talked about – I don’t want you to get bored!

What I am saying is that I want to get this right.  I want my story to be coherent and be compelling because I need to tell my story.  I want to tell my story.

So, please forgive my word folly today.  I just wanted to write something, anything, in order to do a mental sweep of the few cobwebs that built up during the past week.  I’m hoping this little free-writing experiment has helped me tap into something more substantial.