About the Author

My name is Kel and I have bipolar disorder.  I live in New Orleans, Louisiana with my husband and my cat. We moved to this dynamic city over five years ago on a whim after I completed my master’s degree back in Texas. This city is very culturally dynamic and there always seems to be a party happening around these parts–not just during Mardi Gras. Bottom line, I know what it means to love New Orleans…

My life used to be go-go-go all the time and I was eternally optimistic and trusting. It was difficult for me to find fault in people. That is until I had my mental break. Things have changed dramatically as far as my approach to life and I am a more well-rounded person because of it. I tend to hold back and observe a little more before stating my opinion. I don’t make friends as easy as I once did, but the few real life friends I have are keepers. I am excited to add an online community to my friendships. I think finding support from afar will also be a great contributor to my recovery.

Everyone has his or her own struggles, as I have mine. I believe in listening to each other in order to reach a common understanding. I like living in reality, rather than with my head in the clouds. It is harder to live in reality, but it is necessary to really survive.

Likes: puppies, kitties, cheese

Dislikes: roller coasters, bigots, raw onions

I am glad you are here!

14 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. Holy crap I just read more of your work. You are incredibly brave and I admire what you are doing. It is terrible that so many so called “friends ” abandoned you. We are all a package deal so whatever qualities they initially liked in you are still intact. I’m afraid folks like that are going to have a hard time with life in general because their action are based in fear and ignorance. I have also read that creative people often suffer from Bipolar and that sometimes the side effects of meds can deaden creativity. What an awful predicament. Hopefully science can continue making progress on the chemical front so that more people can continue to live creative lives without suffering and society will shed the stigma of chemical imbalances like a snake sheds its skin.

  2. Hello there Kel,
    I hope you don’t mind me nominating you for Liebster Awards! As I’m aware that it’s generally rude to leave my link on the comment box, I hope you can check out my post for details! 🙂

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