I have been away from writing for about a week now, as family has been in town visiting and I haven’t really had a chance to sit down and collect my thoughts.  It has created a bit of writers block for me and I’m feeling a bit frustrated, but I feel the need to get the creative juices flowing and put some words down on virtual paper.

I want to tell my story right.  I want it to make sense, in word, and chronologically accurate.  It is extremely frustrating because I have big lapses in my memory and the events that I do remember seem to get jumbled.  I simply must sit down and write down what I remember with real pen and paper, so that I have material to tell you about and I can cross off things that I have already talked about – I don’t want you to get bored!

What I am saying is that I want to get this right.  I want my story to be coherent and be compelling because I need to tell my story.  I want to tell my story.

So, please forgive my word folly today.  I just wanted to write something, anything, in order to do a mental sweep of the few cobwebs that built up during the past week.  I’m hoping this little free-writing experiment has helped me tap into something more substantial.


7 thoughts on “Mush

  1. I understand wanting things presented in order, that’s something that I prefer as well (in my writing). A brief timeline written down in pen may very well be the key. If you’re not sure that it is a complete list you could even show the timeline to your husband and ask him if there is anything missing. Adding to the story from his point of view (maybe even in an interview style if it appeals to you) could be very compelling.

    I think you are brave for putting your story out there in the first place. Your posts thus far have been well written and have grabbed my attention. Hang in there! Keep going! You’re doing great!

      • You write really well! In my researching on silly things like “how to write a good blog” I’ve found a lot that say a writing list of subjects or stories is important to success. 🙂 hope your stress level comes down so you can enjoy writing your story.

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