All About Moi

Hi.  My name is Kel and I have bipolar disorder (This is the part of the meeting where you  answer back, “Hi, Kel”.)  Anyway, I fell down the rabbit hole about 3 1/2 years ago, having been hospitalized from an extreme manic episode that turned into psychosis.  I had no idea that I had this condition.  I just thought I was Super Kel and I was the smartest, funniest, and most attractive person to ever have existed.  I loved that feeling – I could conquer the world with my energy and my wit.  Little did I know that I didn’t really make much sense.  I think I had really great ideas during that time, it was just the mechanics of bringing those ideas to fruition that didn’t work out so well. More on that in due time.

I’m starting this blog to talk about all things bipolar and work through some of the happenings of my break and my recovery after.  I want this blog to be about the reality of what it means to exist with this chemical imbalance and hopefully provide some inspiration for those who suffer from the condition, as well as loved ones of those suffering in addition to anyone who is interested in learning more about bipolar disorder and perhaps my personal journey with it.

I want to help be a voice that isn’t afraid of talking about what it means to live with a mental disorder. I believe that you must talk about these issues in order to bring them to light and start to heal. It shouldn’t be a dirty secret, but so often it is looked upon as such. It’s probably cliche to say this to those who suffer, but if you had cancer or diabetes, you wouldn’t be told to just get over it. To lighten up, put it out of your mind. You would arm yourself with the best doctors and treatment options and fight the good fight. That has been my approach since I was diagnosed, and while it has been an uphill battle, I can say I’m in a really good place. I still have my struggles, as anyone else (even those who don’t suffer with this condition), but I am proactive. I take my meds. I check in with my doctors. I fight for my sanity because I never want to be as frightened as I was when the psychosis set in 3 1/2 years ago.

Here’s to the good fight and being proactive about your health and mental well being. I hope you will continue on this blogging journey with me.



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